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About infoScoop
About infoScoop OpenSource Print

infoScoop OpenSource is the Open Source edition of infoScoop.

infoScoop was developed by Mitsubishi UFJ Information Technology and Beacon Information Technology Inc jointly from 2006, and then released as a product of Beacon Information Technology Inc.


infoScoop OpenSource is an information portal that evolutes according to each personal work style. This portal provides important information for individuals from their business system and huge infromation in or out of the company. It implements free arrangements of information and fits to individual information processing skills and work styles.

Primary Features

  • Simple installation as specialized in portal function.
  • Smoothly expand to company-wide by intuitive and friendly interface(operability).
    * infoScoop OpenSource is developed with customer collectively using Ajax
  • The portal considers individual sense of worth and archive increase in productivity.
    * Personalize settings and operability can be customized such as flexible RSS reader and multiple registration of same gadget
  • The operation independent operational status of cooperation system is archived as the contents on the portal is worked independently as a gadget
  • National product, the "Voice" of customer is reflected in  this co-development product.
  • Can be used with various applications as it supports OpenSocial.

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Last Updated on Friday, 30 March 2012 19:09
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