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Flexible, Light, and Intuitive
Free Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal "infoScoop", which has actual performance experience at an environment with 10,000 or more users, became open source.
This portal provides important information for individuals from business systems and huge information in or out of the company. It implements free arrangement of information and fits to individual information processing skill and work style.

Free Download


Use infoScoop Like a Groupware

infoScoop for Google Apps helps Google Apps users to use it much easier. It put all together the separated Google Apps services like mail, document, calendar on the portal, which enables you to see the each content on the only one place. For more information, visite its website!

Feature -Working with Google Apps Services-

  • Google Document: Search documents with conditions and save it as a gadget.
  • Gmail: Place gadgets for each label.
  • Google Calendar: Search group members and save them as your "My Group".



  Video Gadget, Document Gadget, and Presentation Gadget is released on infoScoop Gadget Gallery! ■ Video Chat Gadget Users can talk on this gadget through video. It's usful when having not only a one-to-one meeting, but also a many-to-many.   ■ Document Gadget Document Gadget allows real-time editing on a document with multiple users. It is usful for group work such as creating minutes, reports and documents for submission. Also, this gadget can be used with Video Chat Gadget a... Read More
infoScoop OpenSource Site will be renewed! written on 27 June 2014, 13.25
  This site will be renewed soon. As this needs to make some changes, our site temporalily stops provideing some features related to accounts. Until the opening new site, the features below is unavailable: ・Password reset ・Username confirmation ・Creating new account ・Email notification on forum If you would like to do these actions, please contact us: infoscoop[at]beacon-it.co.jp Note that "[at]" must be replaced by "@". We appriciate for your patiance. The new site opening is s... Read More
OpenSocial Gadget Hackathon - 2014 Summer written on 26 June 2014, 11.32
  On June 9, 2014, OpenSocial Gadget Hackathon - 2014 Summer held at Kawasaki, Japan. IOCJ, infoScoop OpenSource Club Japan joined as supporting organization. Here is a photo of the paticipants working on creating gadgets. For more information, see the IOCJ news (only available in Japanese).   On June 9, 2014, OpenSocial Gadget Hackathon - 2014 Summer held at Kawasaki, Japan. IOCJ, infoScoop OpenSource Club Japan joined as a supporting organization.   Here is a photo of the paticipant... Read More
  Zabbix Gadgets have been listed on infoScoop Gadget Gallery. They are now available on our Demo Site. Trouble Information gadget provides trouble information on servers. [zabbix-trouble-info-gadget.jpg] Monitoring Chart gadget shows monitoring information of Zabbix such as CPU, memory, requests. [zabbix-graph-gadget.jpg] With these gadgets, all of information of Zabbix can be checked on portal. When you go to the portal everyday, mornitoring information is on there. you can access eas... Read More
Try infoScoop V3.4 on Demo Site!! written on 16 May 2014, 13.32
  Our Demo Site is now V3.4!   From now on, the site offers Enterprise version of infoScoop, infoScoop Cloud Enterprise. It supports tablet and smartfone views. Moreover, we have finally added support for Chrome.   Try it now!!   Demo Site: http://demo.infoscoop.org/   PC view                                       Tablet view   Just Go to the demo site with your smart device, and you will see the each views.... Read More

infoScoop OpenSource 3.4.0 is released written on 13 May 2014, 00.00
Download infoScoop OpenSource 3.4.0 is now available.   Downloadv3.4.0   What's New in infoScoop OpenSource 3.4.0 Corresponding to Chrome. REST API support. Customization header area is dynamically displayed by a subject. Order change of the tab in Default Layout Settings. Fixes some bug. See GitHub to check all of the changes in this version.... Read More
infoScoop OpenSource 3.3.0 Beta is released written on 22 January 2014, 00.00
Download infoScoop OpenSource 3.3.0 Beta is now available.   Downloadv3.3.0 Beta   What's New in infoScoop OpenSource 3.3.0 Beta Corresponding to Internet Explorer 10. Changed browser mode from quirks mode to strict mode. An administrator can be set up now for every tab. Corresponding to client-side timezon for follows. RSS Calendar Keyword (Search) Message Gadget Access statistics(RSS Gadget) Improved some user interface. Fixes some bug.... Read More
infoScoop OpenSource 3.1.1 is released written on 04 November 2013, 00.00
Download infoScoop OpenSource 3.1.1 is now available.   Downloadv3.1.1   What's New in infoScoop OpenSource 3.1.1 Fixes memory leak bug for portal display. Fixes the problem on which gadgets.log was not functioning. Fixes the problem on which side bar adjusting. (Only Safari) See GitHub to check all of the changes in this version.... Read More
infoScoop OpenSource 3.1.0 is released written on 30 March 2012, 00.00
Download infoScoop OpenSource 3.1.0 is now available.   Downloadv3.1.0   What's New in infoScoop OpenSource 3.1.0 UI of command bar was changed. UI of search form was changed. UI of Menu Public Setting in Administrator screen was changed.Label of Object was displayed and sort for the public setting was added. The following JavaScript API is supported.osapi.people gadgets.Hub Some other bugfixes. See Google Code to check all of the changes in this version.... Read More
infoScoop OpenSource 3.0.0 is released written on 26 December 2011, 00.00
Download infoScoop OpenSource 3.0.0 is now available.   Downloadv3.0.0 What's New in infoScoop OpenSource 3.0.0 OAuth 2.0 service configuration for gadget is supported. OAuth access token is shared among trusted gadgets. More Features including osapi is available.For more details about available Features, see Availabe Freatures. Gadget XML specification is updated.For more details about Gadget XML Spec, see Gadget XML Spec.  System requirement has been changed. J2EE application... Read More

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