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Features of infoScoop OpenSource Print

Components of User's Page

The user's page of infoScoop OpenSource is composed as follows.

  1. Command bar
  2. Menu
  3. Side Tabs
  4. Tabs
  5. Fixed area
  6. Personalized area

Command bar

Command bar mainly has functions that manage general information of infoScoop OpenSource.
This corresponds to the menu function of Windows system.
Currently enabled functions can be disabled depending on the login user's information as well as Menu.
The sections below introduce representative functions.

Trash Bin

Trash bin can restore gadgets. This is useful if a gadget is mistakenly removed.



Global Settings

In Grobal Settings, some general settings of gadgets or RSS reader are available .




The menu of infoScoop OpenSource has two role; one is as links of common portal and the other is as a gadget list that can be added to personalized area.
Published menu items can be switched to be unpublished depending on user information.

Add Gadgets from the Menu

Gadgets can be added to the personalized area from the menu by drag-and-drop.
Gadgets can also be added to the personalized area from the Menu bar or the Menu side bar by drag-and-drop or by clicking.

Side Tabs

Side tab is classified into three components; "Menu", "Add Contents", and "My SiteMap" . These are to be chosen by user's needs.


Add Contents My SiteMap







Works as links. Gadgets can be added here as well as the Menu bar. The structure can be different from the one of menu bar. If end users enter URLs, optional contents can be added. This function can be used with RSS, gadgets, and pasting web pages. Shows all gadgets that end users added. This enables users to find which gadget is placed on which tab at a glance.



Add tabs, then multiple portal pages are available to set.

The number of columns can be changed for each tab.

Tabs can be set in two way; one is a common tab with permission and the other is a tab which users can easily add.

Customize Tabs and Move Gadgets

Gadgets that are placed in personalized area can be moved by drag-and-drop.
This function provides flexible gadget placement with the user's mood at different times, or with the contents of the work.

Customize Tabs and Change the Width and Number of Columns

Column width of personalized area can be changed by drag-and-drop. In addition, equal column width can also be set by using tab setting.



Though Each gadgets can be placed anywhere in the tabs of infoScoop OpenSource, infoScoop also provides the function of fixed tab, which is one of infoScoop's feature.
In the fixed tab, a fixed area are available; it cannot be freely changed by users.
Fixed tab also has personalized area under fixed area.
  • [Fixed area]: information which the company tells the staff such as a company notification and a event schedule can be set as fixed area.
  • [Personalized area]: the individual can freely place "gadgets". Users can create original layout with the individual style by intuitive drag-and drop.

Built-in Gadgets

A Built-in Gadget works closely with the server of infoScoop OpenSource. It is a component where infoScoop OpenSource is programed.

RSS Reader

RSS reader is a gadget that shows new information and update information. It refers the information inside and outside of the company, swiftly and effectively.
RSS Reader Information ( Title only )

RSS reader shows a new arrival icon for a new RSS item. Users can recognize and check new arrivals at a glance.

Multi RSS Reader

Merge by time ordering

If the functions of filter and merge are used together, original RSS feed can be created in the user's preferences.
RSS Reader canvas view
If RSS reader is maximized, the regular view of RSS reader shows up.
The detail display panel can be switched to the full screen mode in which the whole content of the link is displayed.


MiniBrowser offers a function that enable a optional web page to be registered as a gadget. It can be used as a kind of links or as the expansion of contents at first development.

If it is maximized, the displayed contents of the site gets larger as it is.


Message gadget has a function which includes message memo and Twitter.

Gadget Ranking

Gadget Ranking gadget shows the ranking of gadgets which infoScoop OpenSource users often use.

Administration Page

infoScoop OpenSource provides an administration page where some settings are available such as ones of menu, initial login page and network.


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